As an insurance agent, you work hard every day to serve the needs of your clients and protect their interests. Almost certainly, you provide them with tools and information that help them get the most from their insurance plan.

NAHU does the same for us! Take a look at some of the benefits of membership:


The laws that govern our industry change all the time, and being informed is one of the greatest assets you can offer your clients. NAHU offers you the opportunity to always be on top of your game:

  • Log onto or to network with other agents and read the most current information affecting our industry
  • The NAHU Broker to Broker forum allows you to post your insurance questions to thousands of other agents around the country and get answers from people who have been in your shoes.  Select your topics of interest today.
  • Our monthly industry magazine, Health Insurance Underwriter (HIU), brings you news and information about the legislative developments affecting our industry as well as new products to consider and tools for growing your sales
  • Continuing Education classes are offered locally at most of our monthly meetings, many at no additional charge.


Your local FWAHU chapter provides opportunities to network with other agents in many sectors of our industry, such as group health, individual and supplemental products, and Medicare plans.

State and national conventions provide members with industry news and developments as well as opportunities to find new products to market.

The TAHU CAFÉ, the state association’s email networking group, and the NAHU Broker to Broker Board provide a convenient forum to share information with other top producers.


NAHU represents more than 20,000 licensed health insurance agents, brokers, consultants, and benefit professionals who service the health insurance needs of large and small employers as well as individuals.

NAHU lobbies to protect your rights to offer insurance services to these consumers. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, quality healthcare insurance. We are firmly committed to the idea that independent insurance agents provide the best means of presenting affordable insurance options to the public.

Furthermore, NAHU’s Code of Ethics shows your clients that you are committed to the highest level of professionalism.

Grassroots efforts to protect your career are happening right now – get involved!


NAHU recognizes members with high sales achievement through the Leading Producers Round Table (LPRT) award.

NAHU formed the Leading Producers Round Table in 1942 to recognize the successful underwriters of Accident & Health Insurance. Today, the LPRT committee is committed to making LPRT the premier program for top Health, Disability, Long-Term Care and Worksite Marketing Insurance producers, carrier reps, carrier management, and general agency/agency managers. Through the hard work of the LPRT committee members, LPRT will offer new membership benefits, exclusive LPRT events, and new categories and qualification requirements.


Get the most from your membership by taking advantage of the many member discounts on business services that NAHU has negotiated for you. There are discount programs for office supplies, postage and shipping, Errors and Omissions insurance and more. Check out these benefits by visiting NAHU’s website.


It’s a natural law. The more you put into something, the more you get back in return. The same is true for FWAHU. You can make a difference by becoming a member, contributing to our efforts, and expanding our influence. Plus, you will get so much in return! There is the strength of friendship with those in your field, continuing education offered, and combining our efforts to create positive changes in our industry.


Your FWAHU Membership Growth committee chairperson is Kimberly Labora and your Membership Retention committee chairperson is Casey Kilborne. Please do not hesitate to contact either of them if they can answer any questions for you about joining FWAHU or getting the most from your membership.

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