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NAHU is hosting a new membership campaign that will run from January 1 through April 30, 2014! The campaign will…

Gentrie has a criminal record?! Oh, wait a minute, the article said Broker on Record. Whew. Look for Gentrie’s article, “Broker on Record”, in the August edition of Benefits Selling Magazine.

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FWAHU member Ken Smith offers his two cents about health reform. “This Bill is perfect for those people who have not been responsible by purchasing health insurance, and then respond by whining to the government after contracting a medical condition. For the rest of us that are responsible, this Bill is not perfect.”

In an article written by Editor Denis Storey and FWAHU member Sharon Alt, Todd Miller was featured in the cover story of the December 2009 issue of Benefits Selling Magazine, one of the insurance industry’s leading publications.

FWAHU member Eric Johnson was the author of this month’s cover story in Benefits Selling Magazine. His article, entitled “A Look Back at Medicare,” examines the 44 year history of the program and discusses some of the proposed changes now before Congress.

Long-time FWAHU member Mike Smith, President of The Brokerage, Inc., was featured in the May 2009 issue of Broker World Magazine, a leading insurance industry publication.

FWAHU member Danielle Kunkle was featured in the August issue of Benefits Selling Magazine, a popular insurance publication. Danielle’s article, entitled “Top 10 things I’ve learned,” encourages agents, among other things, to join a professional association, make friends in the industry, and schedule a monthly happy hour.